Shipping Policy

All orders placed will leave our warehouse within 14 business days, unless specified otherwise. We always strive to improve this handling time and we will inform our customers via email if items are arriving earlier. After the item is shipped, we will provide the tracking information via email.

Standard Shipping: Will take approximately 7 to 14 business days. 

Fast Shipping Items: There are certain items with free shipping that ships fast. This will be noted in the product description. Fast shipping items will take 4 to 7 business days.

Note: Free shipping items bought together with a standard shipping item will be charged shipping based on total price. To avoid this, buy free shipping items and standard shipping items on separate transactions. 

Large or heavy items costs more to ship and additional shipping charges may need to be added. In the event this will happen, we will email the buyer of the additional charges prior to shipping the item/s.

Most of the time we can ship our products sooner than expected. There are times that we will ship different items with the same order number separately, this results to, one or more items arriving earlier or later than other items of the same order. This happens when an order contains items with different shipping times (eg. standard shipping item + fast shipping items). We will inform our customers via email if this occurs.

We currently ship to U.S. addresses only.

Expect processing and shipping delays during the Holidays. We apologize for the delay and we will do our best to ship the item within 14 business days. We strive to get your items processed and shipped as soon as possible, but there are times and circumstances beyond our control that a delay may occur. If ever this happens, we will notify you immediately, via email.

We reserve the right to choose the most economical carrier for our products.

Shipping charges based on total price:

Total Price: Shipping Cost:
Up to $31.99 $6.95
$32 to $50.99 $9.95
$51 to $74.99 $12.95
$75 to $90.99 $14.95
$91 to $125.99 $17.95
$126 to $200.99 $22.95
$201 to $250.99 $25.95
$251 to $300.99 $31.95
$301 to $400.99 $37.95
$401 to $500.99 $43.95
$501 to $600.99 $49.95
$601 to $700.99 $55.95
$701 to $800.99 $61.95
$801 to $900.99 $66.95
$901 to $1000.99 $73.95
$1001 to $1100.99 $81.95
$1101 to $2000.99 $129.95
$2001 to $3000.99 $179.95
$3001 to $5000.99 $239.95
$5001 to $10000.99 $379.95
$10001 and above



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