About Us

Farmhouse Story specializes in unique farmhouse style decor. We choose carefully our products to put in our store and guarantee only the best quality. Our special products are not just any decor, each of these timeless pieces tells a story.


Farmhouse story is a small family-owned business that is just starting out. We have no background in business and interior design, as both of us are in the medical field, Nate is a doctor and I am a clinical laboratory scientist. Ever since I was young, I have had this passion for vintage and timeless pieces; from Old Spanish houses to antique vases fascinate me as a young child. I always wonder what’s the story behind each piece. If these beautiful pieces could talk, what story would they tell?

Nate would always accompany me to antique stores and he would wait patiently as I browse every single piece in every aisle. I always feel like a child in a candy store. Every time I walk out from a store, I would always ask when would be the time when I can have my own store and share my passion to others.

With little budget from our pocket, we jumped into making our online store with the intention of sharing with all of you our farmhouse story, timeless pieces that tell a story. Each item you buy from our little online store gets a HAPPY DANCE from ME, Nate and Baby Zee. 

Our mission is to provide our customers the absolute best prices and deals on the best farmhouse style, shabby chic and unique home décor we could find. We strive for service excellence.

We envisioned Farmhouse Story’s timeless pieces to become part of the story of your beautiful home.

Much love from Nate, Auie and Baby Zee

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